This project was born from my irresistible urge to recreate things that inspire me as textile designs. I enjoy the process of stylizing natural objects and working out aesthetic solutions for repeating images. Sometimes I transform hand-drawn art into the digital world, then layer into repeating patterns. Other times, I enjoy the immediacy of drawing straight into the computer. As an artist, I appreciate the textile medium because it is tangible, adaptable, rooted in tradition, and fun.


Tea Towels

100% Linen/Cotton

a warm kitchen tea towel A Warm Kitchen Makes a Happy Home
salsa recipe tea towel Salsa Recipe
(click image for detail)
roasted eggplant recipe tea towel Roasted Eggplant Recipe
(click image for detail)
kale salad recipe tea towel Kale Salad Recipe
(click image for detail)
mushrooms tea towel Mushrooms
(click image for detail)
guacamole tea towel Guacamole
lettuce tea towel Iceberg Lettuce
cabbage tea towel Purple Cabbage
echinecea tea towel Echinecea Purpurea
(click image for detail)
dandelion tea towel Dandelions
(click image for detail)
beets tea towel Beets
apples tea towel Apples


100% Linen/Cotton

blue floral napkins Blue China Floral Napkins
orange floral napkins Orange China Floral Napkins
dandelion napkins Dandelion Napkins

mix and match napkins Mix and Match Napkins


100% Linen/Cotton

Venus Fly Trap Pillow (orange) Venus Fly Trap Pillow (Orange) with Ticking Back (16")
Venus Fly Trap Pillow (black) Venus Fly Trap (Black) Pillow with Ticking Back (16")
hungarian bird pillow Hungarian Bird Pillow (16")
mod floral pillow Mod Floral Pillow with Ticking Back (16x22")

china floral pillows China Floral Pillows (12")
scribble knit pillow Scribble "Knit" Pillow with Grey Linen Back (12x16")
english flowers English Floral Pillow with Striped Denim Back and Piping (16x16")
pink mushrooms Pink Mushrooms Pillow with Striped Denim Back and Piping (15x15")

Zipper Pouches

100% Linen/Cotton, lined with muslin.

Flamingo Chain Zippered Pouch

Plant Cells Zippered Pouch

Dandelions Zippered Pouch
Scribble "Knit" Zippered Pouch

About Homespun by Zoë

Art has always been an integral part of my everyday life. As a child, I'd process my understanding of the world by filling sketchbooks with dramas of characters in outrageous fashions. I majored in Art in college with a thesis in Painting. As an adult, I draw inspiration from tangible things: books, textiles, pottery, art, and nature.

I've been designing textiles since the turn of the century. These designs and various other projects can be viewed my porfolio website:

I welcome custom design projects! A favorite recipe turned into a tea towel; a pattern from a set of your grandmother’s dishes or an apron turned into curtains or napkins and tablecloth. I am also able to adjust an existing pattern in scale or color.


All my designs have been printed on fabric at Spoonflower in North Carolina, and the resulting products are made here in Portland, Oregon.

Thank you for visiting!

Please email with comments or questions:

Zoë Anderson | zoelinnanderson [at] gmail [dot] com



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Crafty Wonderland


Crafty Wonderland poster


Buckman Art Show Poster


Special thanks to Beate Kilber for sewing the pillows, Lev Anderson for the photographs, Grace Kook Anderson for styling advice, Jan Laus for the use her sewing machine before I had my own, Michael Lindsey for his generous web help, and my mother, Carola Penn, for always encouraging me to pursue my creative interests.